Not fast food, just fresh food, fast!

Once you’ve sampled the Slices experience you’ll have no doubt that everything we do is always fast and always fresh. What’s more is that we don’t just stop at freshness, we try to use as much organic produce as possible, both locally-grown (like us) and internationally-sourced. You can learn more about us in the Get To Know Us section.

Good food, doing good!

At Slices we believe food can change our lives for the better — and we’re not just talking about the wholesome goodness of our food, we’re talking about the bigger picture too! You can get to know more about what we’re up to in the Connect With Us section.


In this busy world we know that sometimes there’s just not enough time to eat and stay healthy. That’s why we’re developing an online food station. We’ll let you know as soon as it goes live if you register your details in the Order From Us section.

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The way we slice it...

We know that you have plenty else going on in your life, that's why at Slices everything we do is about cutting through the clutter. Food and more!

You will find us to clear and direct

Because what people say and do can be unclear and confusing at times, we always try to say what we mean and mean what we say.

You will find us to be bold and witty

Because the world is sometimes a bit too serious for our liking, we try to add a dash of wit here and there. It’s healthy to laugh at ourselves occasionally, don’t you think?